Property Management Services:


Karon Properties has been professionally managing and marketing real estate in the area for the past twenty five years.  Currently we manage more than two hundred and fifty units with annual rents totaling over four million dollars.


Our well-organized management program will preserve the value of your property while generating the highest net return.  As your manager we accomplish this by:


            • Screening and selecting tenants

            • Coordinating written rental agreements

            • Collecting security deposits and rents

            • Supervising all maintenance and repairs

            • Disbursing funds to the owners

            • Providing financial statements


The fee for these services is a percentage of the gross monthly rent.  We have no set-up or leasing charges.  Your only additional expenses are advertising, normal repairs, yard maintenance, and credit reports.  All funds are kept in an integrated trust account.  Owners can receive a draw each month.  


If you own investment property in Santa Cruz County, we would like to work with you.  Just give us a call and we will send you a sample rental agreement and financial statements as well as references.