Our Buying Process

Initial Consultation

Buying a home can be intimidating! Whether it’s your first or fifth property, buying a home is a major financial and emotional event. Through a combination of our proprietary questionnaire and in-person consultation we hone in on your wants, your needs, and your concerns. Once we have a complete understanding of your circumstances we can effectively guide you in your home search.


To most sellers, Jerry Maguire said it best: “Show me the money!” As a buyer, it is important to gather proof of financial qualifications before beginning your search in earnest. This ensures we can capitalize when an opportunity arises. If you plan on obtaining financing, we can recommend reliable, reputable lenders to assist you with the pre-approval process. If making a cash purchase, we will advise you on what is needed to properly position you for a successful purchase.

Understanding the Market

Our seasoned agents have unparalleled market knowledge, and we are more than happy to share and educate. Whether you want to live in a specific school district, near commute routes, or near the hippest restaurants in town, we will help you find the best fit for your needs. We live and breathe real estate, so let our years of gathering market knowledge work for you.


Our thorough knowledge and understanding of contracts, local customs, the title and escrow process, and the market itself will instantly give you an advantage over the competition. Once we’ve identified a property to pursue, we will structure your offer to highlight your strengths and qualifications. Listening to your goals and concerns, we skillfully negotiate the best price and terms for your circumstances.

Opening Escrow

Communication is everything during this process. We like to compare an escrow to a short-term marriage, and with a happy outcome. We will provide a step-by-step outline of what to expect over the next several weeks, which includes guiding you through milestones such as earnest money deposit, insurance coverage, loan processes including appraisals and underwriting conditions, and beyond.

Due Diligence

Do you get bored reading dozens of pages of contracts and disclosures? Does poring over environmental and preliminary title reports make you sleepy? Not us! We are here to help you decipher what all this paperwork means. We will negotiate an acceptable credit or repair scenario if necessary to minimize the chance of surprises after close of escrow.

Closing & Beyond

Put the bubbly on ice and chill the champagne flutes. Once title is officially transferred, we make our favorite call of the process: "Congratulations, you're a homeowner!" And we don't believe the work ends there. From further questions to coordinating movers to contractor referrals, and even the best place to grab a taco close to your new home, we'll be there for you. We do not consider ourselves a "transactional" brokerage. This is an enduring relationship forged through an emotional process in which we are honored to play a part.

Tay Petty

Sold Aug 2023
From start to finish the process was smooth and efficient.

Ginger & Larry Anderson

Sold Nov 2018
Karon Properties looked out for us; it wasn't just about a house sale.

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